| February 27, 2023

Announcing Death by Numbers Beta

By Jessica Otis in announcements tagged otis

Welcome to the relaunch of our blog and the formal beta launch of the Death by Numbers database.

While our blog has been quiet, we’ve been busy behind the scenes getting our code squared away and finishing transcribing some of the early datasets so that the project was in a good place for a public debut. We’re still hard at work adding data to the database and building our first visualizations, so don’t be surprised at how large some of the gaps are in the dataset. But we wanted to go public and give our audience a chance to provide feedback on what we’ve created so far.


If you want to dive right into the graphical user interface for our database, it’s now publicly available at database.deathbynumbers.org/.

If you’d rather download our data as CSVs, you can click the data link in the header to go to our GitHub where you’ll also find our parish shapefiles.

Want to directly access our API instead? The instructions are at deathbynumbers.org/api.


If you’re interested in reading more about the project, check out our newly redesigned blog (built in Hugo to ensure its long term sustainability) which has all our old posts accessible via chronological scrolling or tags in the sidebar of this page. Some great posts to get started on include:

Got Feedback?

If you find any problems with our beta site, we’d love to hear about it! We have open issue tracking at https://github.com/chnm/bom/issues and you’re welcome to open an issue to let us know if something’s gone wonky. If you do open an issue, please let us know the [device type, operating system, browser and browser version that you’re using, to help us track down the bugs.